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  • Authors: Dương, Như Hùng.;  Advisor: Yung, Kenneth (2008)

  • The studies of hedge fund performance are hindered by the lack of quality returns data and the complicated nature of hedge fund returns. This study contributes to the literature in three ways. First, I reinvestigate the performance of hedge funds from different aspects. Second, I develop a new framework to evaluate fund of hedge funds managers’ skills. Finally, I exam the performance persistence of funds of hedge funds by using various performance measures. In the first study, I find that the annual survivorship and backfilled biases for funds of hedge funds are 0.66% and 0.21%, respectively, during the period 1994-2004. I confirm that hedge funds’ monthly returns tend to have low standard deviations, negative skewness and high kurtosis. Hedge funds often underperform the equity mar...