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  • Thesis

  • Authors: Laine, Tei (2006)

  • Human-initiated land-use and land-cover change is the most significant single factor behind global climate change. Since climate change affects human, animal and plant populations alike, and the effects are potentially disastrous and irreversible, it is equally important to understand the reasons behind land-use decisions as it is to understand their consequences. Empirical observations and con-trolled experimentation are not usually feasible methods for studying this change. Therefore, scientists have resorted to computer modeling, and use other complementary approaches, such as household surveys and field experiments, to add depth to their models. The computer models are not only used in the design and evaluation of environmental programs and policies, but they can be used to edu...

  • Thesis

  • Authors: Kim, Namhoon (2006)

  • The notion of local quantum algebras that encode the "algebra" aspects of quantum field theories is introduced. This setup provides a foundation on which we can define precisely what an operator product expansion is, and we describe the relationships between local quantum algebras, operator product expansion, conformal field theories and some generalizations of vertex algebras that are introduced by various authors including Borcherds, Nikolov, and Huang and Kong. Traditional approaches to vertex algebras are characterized by vertex operators and the formal calculus which lead to useful formal operator identities. We introduce the notion of factorization, and study local quantum algebras that satisfy factorization property in a general setting. Such a structure can be formulated ab...

  • Thesis

  • Authors: Eriksson, Nicholas Karl (2006)

  • Algebraic statistics is the study of the algebraic varieties that correspond to discrete statistical models, Such statistical models are used throughout computational biology, for example to describe the evolution of DNA sequences. This perspective on statistics allows us to bring mathematical techniques to bear and also provides a source of new problems in mathematics, The central focus of this thesis is the use of the language of algebraic statistics to translate between biological and statistical problems and algebraic and combinato¬rial mathematics. The wide range of biological and statistical problems addressed in this work come from phylogenetics, comparative genomics, virology, and the analysis of ranked data. While these problems are varied, the mathematical techniques used...

  • Thesis

  • Authors: He, Jingwu (2006)

  • The most intriguing problems in genetics epidemiology are to predict genetic disease susceptibility and to associate single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) with diseases. In such these studies, it is necessary to resolve the ambiguities in genetic data. The primary obstacle for ambiguity resolution is that the physical methods for separating two haplotypes from an individual genotype (phasing) are too expensive. Although computational haplotype inference is a well-explored problem, high error rates continue to deteriorate association accuracy. Secondly, it is essential to use a small subset of informative SNPs (tag SNPs) accurately representing the rest of the SNPs (tagging). Tagging can achieve budget savings by genotyping only a limited number of SNPs and computationally inferring...

  • Thesis

  • Authors: Cicco, Tracey Martine Westbrook (2006)

  • Algorithms for Computing Restricted Root Systems and Weyl Groups. (Under the direction of Dr. Aloysius Helminck.) While the computational packages LiE, Gap4, Chevie, and Magma are sufficient for work with Lie Groups and their corresponding Lie Algebras, no such packages exist for computing the k-structure of a group or the structure of symmetric spaces. My goal is to examine the k-structure of groups and the structure of symmetric spaces and arrive at various algorithms for computing in these spaces.

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  • Authors: Zaslavsky, Elena (2006)

  • A major objective in molecular biology is to understand how a genome encodes the information that speci es when and where a gene will be transcribed into its protein product. Mediating proteins, known as transcription factors, facilitate this process by interacting with the cell 's sDNA and the transcription machinery. It is of central importance to identify all sequence-speci c DNA binding sites of transcription factors. In this thesis, we consider two relevant computational problems. The first problem is to develop a representation for a group of known binding sites of a particular transcription factor, in order to facilitate recognition of other binding sites of the same protein. We evaluate the e ectiveness of several approaches commonly used for this problem, and show that the...

  • Thesis

  • Authors: Sai Ranga, Prashanth C. (2006)

  • Current heterogeneous meta-computing systems, such as computational clusters and grids offer a low cost alternative to supercomputers. In addition they are highly scalable and flexible. They consist of a host of diverse computational devices which collaborate via a high speed network and may execute high-performance applications. Many high-performance applications are an aggregate of modules. Efficient scheduling of such applications on meta-computing systems is critical to meeting deadlines. In this dissertation, we introduce three new algorithms, the Heterogeneous Critical Node First (HCNF) algorithm, the Heterogeneous Largest Task First (HLTF) algorithm and the Earliest Finish Time with Dispatch Time (EFT-DT) algorithm. HCNF is used to schedule parallel applications of forms r...

  • Thesis

  • Authors: El Badawy, Ossama (2006)

  • This thesis presents data structures and algorithms for the analysis of the 2-D shape of patterns. In this work, a pattern is typically an object in a bi-level image and analyzing it involves two main ingredients: representing it in computer memory; and determining its degree of similarity to other patterns. The core idea around which this work is based is that of the convex hull of a set of points in the plane; after all, an object is a set of pixels in the plane of the image. From the simple concept of the convex hull stems the more involved concept of a concavity tree, a data structure that has remained largely unstudied, especially in connection to shape analysis. We present an efficient contour-based algorithm for concavity tree extraction, detailing its use in the decomposit...

  • Luận văn, Luận án (Theses)

  • Authors: Trần, Thế Cường;  Advisor: Nguyễn, Thanh Hà; Thành Phần (2021)

  • Âm nhạc trong đời sống của người Gia Rai : Luận án trình bày về tộc người Gia Rai cư trú ở các tỉnh Gia Lai, Kon Tum, Đắk Lắk và phía Tây Khánh Hòa. Họ có một nền Âm nhạc riêng, tồn tại cách đây hàng ngàn năm. Các nhạc cụ của người Gia Rai gồm đàn Đá, T’rưng, Đing Đong, Krông-pút, đàn Nước, Tiêu, T’ni, cồng, chiêng và đặc trưng nhất là K’ni. Âm nhạc Gia Rai dùng thang 5 âm có bán cung. Âm nhạc Gia Rai là vốn quý của Việt Nam và thế giới nhưng đang có nguy cơ thất truyền. Cần phải có kế hoạch lưu giữ và truyền dạy Âm nhạc Gia Rai.