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  • Authors: Kim, Seong-cheol (2006)

  • New synthetic methods for the polymerization were investigated via biocatalysis. Horseradish peroxidase (HRP) was used to synthesize the functionalized polyanilines. The biocatalytic route has significant importance because the chemical and electrochemical methods sometimes do not allow the monomers polymerized. In the second chapter, the enzymatic synthesis of the aniline which has a carboxylic acid (CA) group was investigated with polycationic templates at moderately acidic pH (pH 4-- 6). The optimum pH conditions of polymerization were higher than the pKa value of an amine and that of carboxylic acid. One positive charge in a template, could on average, template up to three monomers. In the third chapter, the unusual doping behavior of PCA/template complex at pH 13 was discusse...