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  • Authors: Blackman, Irving L. (2011-03)

    In this article, the author explores the options that are safe for investing personal funds, individual retirement accounts and business enterprise's excess funds. It mentions that according to the author, the current business model of the U.S. stock exchange failed during the global financial crises. The author further discusses municipal bonds as an investment option.
  • Authors: Velasquez, Maria Elena (2006)

    The aim of this thesis is to present an overview of the Fourier transform, including the continuous Fourier transform, the l2(Z) transform (Fourier series), the discrete Fourier transform, and the windowed Fourier transform. The shortcomings of these has led to the recently discovered wavelet transform, which has corresponding continuous and discrete versions. I present the theory behind these wavelet transforms, and present some of their relevant applications. Multiresolution Analysis (MRA) will be highlighted as a tool of great potential utility in other fields such as Physics, Biology, Geology, Computer Science, Medicine, and Engineering. I conclude this thesis with a discussion of...
  • Authors: Lehr, William; Feamster, Nick; Zegura, Ellen (2011-03)

    How big can the information superhighway get before it starts to buckle while more and more people jump online every day? Four network experts discuss the future of life online and internet engineering as the system at a challenging pace.
  • Authors: Jiang, Yongbin (2006)

    In algebraic number theory, the study of Galois groups is one of the subjects mathematicians are most interested in. A fruitful set of results have been obtained in this field. Class field theory and some of its consequent theorems are certainly an important part of these results. In [1], E.Artin and Tate used the notion of class formations to reinterpret class field theory and proposed another interesting object, which is called the Weil group and has a strong relation with class formations, for us to study. Recently, research shows that Weil groups deserve more investigation and they behave better than the classical Galois groups in some cases. Lichtenbaum's paper [11] showed us ev...
  • Authors: Donnelly-Smith, Laura (2011)

    An interview with L. Lee Knefelkamp, a professor of psychology and education at Teachers College, Columbia University, is presented. He emphasizes the challenge for higher education faculty members to consider the vast experience of adult learners. He stresses the need for the faculty to treat adult students and traditional- aged students as co-learners. He says that adult learning in the U.S. has to do with people seeking specific professional degrees.
  • Authors: Allington, Richard (2011-03)

    The article discusses the education of at-risk students in the U.S. in the area of reading. The author presents statistics on the amount of U.S. children who have reading proficiencies that are below grade-level. The role of the Response to Intervention (RTI) educational initiative in responding to the needs to at-risk students and those in danger of the reading achievement gap is explored. The RTI initiative commonly focuses on tiered reading instruction that involves classroom reading, small group reading, and reading tutorials. Educational laws regarding the study and teaching of reading in elementary education and the use of various programs to help struggling readers are addresse...
  • Authors: Wooley, Anita; Malone, Thomas (2011-06)

    An interview with assistant professor Anita Woolley and professor Thomas Malone is presented. When asked about their research that suggests that the collective intelligence (CI) of groups increases with the more women it includes they said that group satisfaction, cohesion and motivation were not correlated with CI. They mention that there was a very weak positive correlation of individual intelligence levels and CI levels. They talk about the effect group size and technology has on group CI.
  • Authors: Chudnov, Daniel (2011-02)

    The author, an information technology specialist at the Library of Congress' Office of Strategic Initiatives, discusses the popularity of electronic book readers (e-readers) and examines how libraries could offer new technologies and reliable resources in a time of much tighter budgets
  • Authors: Howard, Jennifer (2011-06)

    The article presents information from University of Minesota Libraries copyright – program librarian Nancy Sims on several concepts related to copyright laws in the U.S of which students, librarians, amd researchers need to be aware. She comments on misconceptions regarding copyright ownership, highlights the common practice of signing over rights to research when agreeing to contracts with publishera, and describes issues associated with fair use and copyrighted material in classrooms.
  • Authors: Reda, Mary M. (2010-09)

    The author, an associate professor of English at the City University of New York‟ College of Staten Island, explores factors that could lead students to sit quietly in classrooms and how to create more-effective learning conditions for all students
  • Authors: Wilson, James; Guinan, P.J.; Parise, Salvatore (2011)

    The article discusses four social-media strategies used by corporations, as gleaned from an analysis of over 1,100 companies. Some firms such as consumer-products maker Clorox restrict their use of social media to a specific function, virtual research and development in Clorox's case. Car maker Ford Motor Company devised a social- media campaign to promote its Fiesta automobile that involved providing loaner cars to 100 people with large social-media followings. Commentary is also provided on the social-media efforts of computer-storage manufacturer EMC and network- equipment maker Cisco. INSETS: WHAT HAPPENS WHEN COMPANIES LACK SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY?;UNDERSTANDING YOUR CURRENT SOCIAL...
  • Authors: Simester, Duncan (2011-06)

    The article discusses online customer feedback and the issues of how legitimate feedback is and how responsive to it a business should be. The author describes his experience trying to analyze the feedback from a website named Yelp which gives its users the opportunity to review and rate service businesses. The author's decision to use focus groups to meet the needs of his business' core market is briefly explained.
  • Authors: Ediper, Marlow (2011)

    The article discusses a teaching plan that helps students to become fluent readers. It examines the advantages and disadvantages of individualized reading and basal reading instructions in the areas of decision making, selection of a library book, and self discipline. It also explores the plethora of difficulties involved in having students take a single standardized test to determine achievement, progress and promotional purposes
  • Authors: Đinh, Hương Thảo; Nguyễn, Phương Anh; Noriko, Miyake; .... (2021-04)

    Collagen type VI-related disorders consist of Ullrich congenital muscular dystrophies (UCMD) and Bethlem myopathy, in which these entities are at two opposite extremes of the phenotype continuum. Clinical characteristics include proximal joint contracture, distal joint hyperlaxity, generalized muscle weakness, normal cognitive function, and pulmonary insufficiency. Affected individuals have trouble standing up and walking independently. Mutations in 3 genes (COL6A1,COL6A2, and COL6A3) are associated with decreasing collagen-VI production and disrupting the microfibrillar network between skeletal muscles. In the present study, using whole-exome sequencing (WES), a pathogenic variant in...
  • Authors: Stansel, Dean (2011)

    The article analyzes the relationship between economic growth and personal income tax in the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S, since 1980. The author argues that high spending and tax rates in cities such as Detroit, Michigan, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Syracuse, New York, impede economic development. He asserts that high-growth areas such as Dallad, Texas, Tampa, Florida, and Austin, Texas, are models that should be emulated. According to the author, the data reveal that economic prosperity and the growth of urban areas will escalate as tax burdens are low as compared to nearby metropolitan areas. The author emphasizes the importance of low tax rates and effective spending by...
  • Authors: Zhang, Yuting (2006)

    Streaming multimedia applications such as live webcasts and interactive distance learning require real-time constraints for data capture and transmission in keeping with end-user QoS requirements. Meanwhile, they can also tolerate some packets being discarded or serviced late, as long as the consecutive number of such losses is limited. Likewise, other soft real-time applications, such as data generation applications in sensor networks and in embedded systems, also have similar delay and loss constraints. To deal with the above classes of applications, this thesis presents window-constrained resource management models and polices to guarantee a fraction of their required service in e...
  • Authors: Lee, Yangsoo (2006)

    Centrifuges are used in geotechnical earthquake engineering to simulate complicated phenomena such as nonlinear soil-structure interaction and liquefaction induced by earthquakes. Cost efficient alternatives to large scale testing, centrifuge modeling has become widely accepted to analyze experimentally all kinds of geotechnical problems. This thesis explores the use of wireless technologies to improve data transfer and control remotely data acquisition systems of centrifuges. These improvements greatly reduce electrical noises and increase the high-frequency performance of data acquisition. This thesis also contributes to the introduction of metadata for documenting the experimental...
  • Authors: Silberstein, Rebecca Lynn Braynard (2006)

    The scenario of wireless devices deployed in an ad hoc network is a compelling one. For the system to support its assigned tasks, nodes must cooperate to forward data packets through the network. The act of forwarding, however, is directly linked to node lifetime. The more a node forwards data packets, the sooner it depletes its battery through use of its high energy-consuming radio. Once forwarding nodes deplete their batteries, the network may partition and fail to provide its designated services. To reduce the burden on nodes maintaining network connectivity, we propose to balance energy consumption among all participating networked nodes, so they all fail at approximately the same...
  • Authors: Sparks, Sarah D (2011-06-08)

    The author, a regular contributor to Education Week, discusses a study showing that the learning of unfamiliar words comes from insights rather than repetition such as flash cards, and analyzes a University of Iowa study about fast-mapping, a model based on creating a first and best guess.
  • Authors: Media, Vision (2011-05)

    In an article for the quarterly journal Vision titled “What Shall We Eat and Drink ?” publisher and international relations scholar David Hulme discusses the global issues of world hunger and water security. Slicing through the Gordian Knot of current events and politics , Hulme explores the complex factors relating to food shortages and the building water crisis.