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  • Authors: Pasol, Vicentiu (2006)

    In this thesis I study the relation between the (CM) Elliptic Construction and the Mod¬ular Construction of p-adic L-functions in two variables which interpolate special values of Hecke L-functions. The first construction, due to N. Katz, and then R. Yager, is very explicit in terms of elliptic units using Iwasawa theory on formal groups. However, this construction does not imply the construction of a modular symbol for which the attached L-function is exactly this p-adic L-function. The Modular construction, developed by R. Greenberg and G. Stevens, is more general. They attach to any Hida family of p-stabilized modular forms a p-adic modular symbol with values in the space of two ...
  • Authors: Schultz, Mitchell John (2006)

    The development of metal-catalysts for the oxidation of various functional groups is an ongoing endeavor in the field of organometallic chemistry. A constant challenge is employing practical oxidants, of which, molecular oxygen is advantageous because is it readily available, inexpensive, and produces benign byproducts. Herein, research performed by Mitchell John Schultz under the guidance of Professor Matthew S. Sigman on the Pd-catalyzed aerobic oxidation of alcohols and dialkoxylation of olefins is discussed. Three Pd-catalysts developed for the aerobic oxidation of alcohols are presented and the effectiveness of each catalyst system is evaluated for a broad scope of alcohols. The...
  • Authors: Prabhu, Manohar Karkal (2005)

    As the performance increases of single-threaded processors diminish, consumer desktop processors are moving toward multi-core designs. Thread-level speculation (TLS) increases the space of applications that can benefit from these designs. With TLS, a sequential application is divided into fairly independent tasks that are speculatively executed in parallel, while the hardware dynamically enforces data dependencies to provide the appearance of sequential execution. This thesis demonstrates that support for TLS greatly eases the task of manual parallel programming. Because TLS provides a sequential programming interface to parallel hardware, it enables the programmer to focus only on is...
  • Authors: Ahn, Sungwoo (2006)

    Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are among those contaminants referred to as persistent organic pollutants. PAHs are compounds of great environmental concern because of their persistency in the environment, carcinogenicity, and toxicity to humans and biota. This dissertation focuses on the fate and the movement of PAHs from contaminated soil. The two key objectives of this study are to understand the relationship between PAH association with contaminated site soil and its availability, and to provide more fundamental understandings of mass transfer phenomena of PAHs between the soil or sediment and its surroundings in the aspect of in-situ stabilization of the contaminant by ad...
  • Authors: Dương, Như Hùng.;  Advisor: Yung, Kenneth (2008)

    The studies of hedge fund performance are hindered by the lack of quality returns data and the complicated nature of hedge fund returns. This study contributes to the literature in three ways. First, I reinvestigate the performance of hedge funds from different aspects. Second, I develop a new framework to evaluate fund of hedge funds managers’ skills. Finally, I exam the performance persistence of funds of hedge funds by using various performance measures. In the first study, I find that the annual survivorship and backfilled biases for funds of hedge funds are 0.66% and 0.21%, respectively, during the period 1994-2004. I confirm that hedge funds’ monthly returns tend to have low sta...
  • Authors: Poque, David (2011-08)

    The article discusses how copyright protection used by some technical companies can have a negative impact on the sales of their products. The author argues that copyright does not promote product sales or stop online pirating, but instead creates inconvenience for honest users. An example is provided of a test he conducted that examined sales after one year of making paper and free electronic copies of his computer book available. Also discussed are actions taken by the music industry to end copyright protection.
  • Authors: Koepke, Jay I. (2006)

    Peroxisomes are ubiquitous subcellular organelles required for proper functioning of eukaryotic cells. They efficiently compartmentalize enzymes responsible for a number of essential cellular processes, including the metabolism of certain specific fatty acid chains via 13-oxidation. These and other oxidative reactions produce hydrogen peroxide, which is, in most instances, immediately processed in situ to water and oxygen. The responsible peroxidase is the heme-containing tetrameric enzyme, catalase. What has emerged during our investigation is that there are circumstances in which the tightly regulated balance of hydrogen peroxide producing and degrading activities in peroxisomes is...