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  • Authors: Marino, Mark Christopher (2006)

    Amidst the various forms of electronic literature stands a class of interactive programs that simulates human conversation. A chatbot, or chatterbot, is a program with which users can "speak," typically by exchanging text through an instant-messaging style interface. Chatbots have been therapists, Web site hosts, language instructors, and even performers in interactive narratives. Over the past ten years, they have proliferated across the Internet, despite being based on a technology that predates the Web by thirty years. In my readings, these chatbots are synedochic of the process by which networked identities form on the Internet within the power dynamics of hegemonic masculinity. C...
  • Authors: Villalobos, Rodney V. (2006)

    Faced with uncertain data and an unpredictable return on computational tool investment, researchers are opting for laboratory studies over in silico (computer based) studies. This study addressed the lack of efficiency in identifying motifs (biologically significant amino sequences) in deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) sequences via naive Bayesian text classification. DNA is a nucleic acid that carries genetic information in cells. A naive Bayesian text classifier is a machine-learning tool that uses automated means of determining metadata and has been used to identify e-mail worms, viruses, and spam. This quantitative study utilized a naive Bayesian text classification algorithm as the pri...
  • Authors: Hong, Lei (2006)

    Over the past two decades the use of sub/supercritical CO2 has received much attention as a green alternative to organic solvents for chemical processes because of its pressure-tunable physicochemical properties and economic advantages. However the advantages are diminished because of a relative narrow range of CO2-soluble materials. The goal of this work is to identify, design and synthesize oxygenated hydrocarbon-based CO2-soluble polymers that are able to serve as construction blocks for copolymers, dispersants, surfactants, and thickeners. Without concerning on the cost and the environmental persistence like fluorinated materials, the inexpensive and environmentally benign materia...
  • Authors: Pomerantz, Jeffrey (2011)

    The article looks at a study that attempts to indentify what resources might be reusable in digital reference responses by looking at the Internet Public Library archive of answered reference questions. Data related to the issue is discussed including what resources were used in response to digital reference questions, whether or not these resources were valid for use in future responses, and what the predicted lifespan of the resources provided might be. Particular focus is given to the impact this change could have on library professtionals, efficiency and cost.
  • Authors: Sun, Zheng (2006)

    The I1-imidazoline receptor is a novel target of drug development for hypertension and insulin resistance. This thesis focused on the molecular basis for I1-imidazoline binding and cell signaling and the mechanisms linking this signaling protein to regulation glucose metabolism. IRAS is a gene candidate for the I1-imidazoline receptor. To investigate the possibility that IRAS is the I1-imidazoline receptor, antisense oligo-nucleotides directly against the initiation site of IRAS sequence were designed and transfected into PC12 cells. Antisense transfection for 48h reduced specific imidazoline radioligand binding to plasma membrane fractions by about 50%, with parallel drops in IRAS pr...
  • Authors: Lendel, Iryna (2010-08)

    In what ways do research universities interact with regional economies? The answer to this central question can be found in a framework of the interaction of university products and necessary factors for technology-based economic development. The framework of the interaction of university products makes it impossible to separately assess the impact of unersities obn their regional economies. The National Science Foundation’s ranking of top research universities and retrospective data on academic R&D expenditures are used ib regression models to measure universities’ long-tem effect over the phases of the latest business cycle. The pattern of statistical significance and the signs of t...
  • Authors: Freedman, David (2011-06)

    The author focuses on development of technology that can reproduce high-quality sound, noting that digital music and MP3s as of 2011 deliver very low-quality music in order to reduce file sizes. Audio systems scientist Louis Thibault is using object- based compression to deliver higher quality with the same file sizes. Digital media scientist Karlheinz Brandenburg is working on systems that deliver spatially realistic sound. Work by music technology scientist Agnieszka Roginska is also explained.
  • Authors: Edirveerasingam, Veronica (2006)

    This study examined the presence and distribution of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), other petroleum hydrocarbons (PHC) and phosphorus, derived from engine oil, in several Lake Tahoe soils and sediments. The PAH profile in marina sediments, road runoff locations and from water collected immediately after running a 4 stroke engine in a tank had similar signatures, and data collected in this study offered strong evidence that engine emissions were the primary source of these hydrocarbon contaminants in Lake Tahoe soils and sediments. Two PAH's, fluoranthene and pyrene were observed at relatively high concentrations, and were signature compounds in the sediments. In addition, a s...
  • Authors: Ayala, Celia C. (2011-03)

    Preparing tomorrow’s work force requires putting kids on the right path at the preschool stage. As Los Angeles slowly climbs out of a recession that has taken a heavy toll on businesses, it will only be natural that the demand for a well-educated, skilled and high-performing work force will gradually increase
  • Authors: Tarasovic, Janet (2011-01)

    Creating memorable prose requires a skill that writers often neglect : attention to the style of our sentences, one at a times, and to their cumulative effect. […] we’ll look at – or listen to – the sound effects that can make our sentences pop. Here, Mike Sager keeps the reader moving through a familiar scene that could have been ho-hum (italics added) : The Fallbrook Midget Chiefs are fanned out across the field on a sunny autumn day in southern California, two dozen eighth – graders in helmets and bulbous pads.
  • Authors: Castaneda Munoz, Mario (2006)

    Coal has been a major energy source since the Industrial Revolution. Despite its environmental problems, coal consumption is still growing because of the lack of alternatives such as natural gas and petroleum resources. As a result, more than 50 million metric tons of fly ash are generated by the electric utilities in the United States yearly, almost one -third of which is used in a number of applications. Alternatives for the reuse of fly ash in the United States and Puerto Rico previously considered are mostly for low-technology uses and they have had limited success. Thus, many attempts to utilize the fly ash a re currently underway, focusing on the high -technology and high -value...
  • Authors: Hà, Tùng Anh. (2007)

    Due to degradation during aging, most elastomers lose their particularly high extensibility as well as their ability to completely recover after deformation. In this study, the effect of thermo-oxidative aging on mechanical behaviors was investigated for neoprene (polychloroprene rubber). The results from tensile tests have shown that thermal aging resulted in an increase in crosslink density, tensile stress and modulus, as well as a decrease in ultimate elongation. The tensile stress-strain relationship at large strain obeys the eight-chains model. However, Mooney-Rivlin equation shows the best fit for the experimental data in the range of moderate strain and its parameters dependen...
  • Authors: Morgan, Grayson B. (2006)

    As the Department of Defense (DoD) moves to create decision superiority through the use of network centric operations, decision-makers become increasingly exposed to data quality vulnerabilities that mimic integrity failures within the Information Assurance (IA) security program. This outcome is a result of the current IA enforcement mechanism known as Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) not begin designed to mitigate risks involving data quality (accuracy, relevance, timeliness, usability, completeness, brevity, and security) beyond those associated with security. Misconceptions and the uncertainty created by the inability of decision-makers...
  • Authors: Alahmadi, Adel Naif M. (2006)

    Almost self-injective, continuous, quasi-continuous (also known as 7r-injective), and CS modules are generalizations of injective modules. The main aim of this dissertation is to study almost self-injective, continuous, quasi-continuous, and CS group rings. CS group algebras were initiated by Jain et. al [24]. They showed that K[D1] is a CS group algebra if and only if char(K) =6 2. Behn extended this result and showed that if K[G] is a prime group algebra with G polycyclic-by-finite, then K[G] is a CS-ring if and only if G is torsion-free or G '= D1 and char(K) =6 2 [5]. As a consequence, such a group algebra K[G] is hereditary excepting possibly when K[G] is a domain. We show that i...
  • Authors: Frederick Steele, Carol (2010-12)

    The article discusses the merits of inspired teaching and the effect it can have on student behavior and the classroom environment. The author outlines three key factors of inspired teaching : the life experience of the educator which affords them greater understanding of many subjects they teach, an understanding of multiple teaching techniques, and an ability to assess student needs and adapt their teaching method accordingly. The ability to adapt to different classroom situation and improvise lesson plans and class discussions is another key component in inspired teaching.
  • Authors: Upsall, Sarah Beth (2006)

    The purpose of an earthquake intensity scale is to express the severity of ground shaking at different locations. Intensity values can be used to compare one area with another for a given earthquake, as well as to compare shaking in the same area in different earthquakes. Intensity measures are useful for providing a historical record of the effects of an earthquake; for seeing an aerial distribution of ground shaking which can be correlated to the geology of the site; in understanding historical earthquakes in areas with no instruments; for rapid response purposes; and to correlate observed "damage" to ground shaking. Earthquake damage may consist of structural damage due to ground s...
  • Authors: Boynton, Jason (2006)

    Let D be an integral domain with field of fractions K, and let E be a non-empty finite subset of D. For n > 2, we show that the n-generator property forD is equivalent to the n-generator property for Int(E, D), which is equivalent to strong (n + 1)-generator property for Int(E, D). We also give necessary and sufficient conditions that the pullback of a conductor square be a chain ring (that is, a ring whose ideals are totally ordered by inclusion), and we give necessary and sufficient conditions that the pullback of a conductor square be an arithmetical ring (that is, a ring which is locally a chain ring at every maximal ideal). We characterize all Priifer domains R between D[X] and K...