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  • Authors: Doucett, Elisabeth (2010-06)

    The article discusses the top ten ways that libraries can stay relevant to their users through strategies that incorporate societal trends. The author briefly relates her experience as a public library director, who spent a great deal of time searching out ways to keep her library relevant in today’s fast-changing environment.
  • Authors: Kher, Priyanka; Kusek, Peter; Eltgen, Maximilian Philip; Raslan, Azza (2020)

    This Investment Policy and Regulatory Review (IPRR) presents information on the legal and regulatory frameworks governing foreign direct investment (FDI) and competition that affect businesses and foreign investors in Vietnam. The research was primarily based on a review of currently applicable policies, laws and regulations. It is not a comprehensive review of the entire legal and regulatory framework affecting investment. Information presented is not exhaustive, but illustrative of the main topics and issues covered.
  • Authors: Kock, Richard A.; Karesh, William B.; Francisco Veas; Others (2020)

    First paragraph: The emergence of a new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in Wuhan creates a sense of déjà vu with the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) epidemic in China in 2003. Coronaviruses are enveloped, positive-stranded RNA viruses of mammals and birds. These viruses have high mutation and gene recombination rates, making them ideal for pathogen evolution.1 In humans, coronavirus is usually associated with mild disease, the common cold. Previous emerging novel coronaviruses, such as SARS-CoV and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), which emerged in the Middle East in 2012, were associated with severe and sometimes fatal disease. MERS-CoV was les...
  • Authors: Haddad, Reda Nassif (2006)

    3-tier Service Level Agreement with automatic class upgrades. (Under the direction of Dr. Yannis Viniotis). Tremendous efforts have been spent on devising mechanisms that would provide Quality of Service (QoS) needed by various applications, and network operators have spent a lot of resources trying to fit their networks with differentiated services capabilities. One of the Service Level Agreements (SLA) promising to sell these QoS services is the "triple play" SLA, bundling 3 classes of services targeting voice, data and video. In particular, circuit switched network operators envision the triple play SLA as essential to revenue maintenance, customer retention, and growth. It is the...
  • Authors: Schumacher, Steve (2011-05)

    Steve Schumacher is a management consultant, trainer and public speaker with more than 25 years of experience in numerous industries throughout North America, including aggregates operations. In this article, he introduces five easy steps that managers not only raise productivity of their employees, but also make them feel more included in the business and take morale to high levels.
  • Authors: Finnie, Scott (2010-10)

    In this article the author offers his perspective regarding the five information technology (IT) business trends for 2011
  • Authors: J. Laster, Stephen (2011-05)

    The author, a chef information officer of Harvard Business School, discusses the six building blocks of success in higher education information technology (IT) leadership, and the challenges for IT leader in higher education
  • Authors: Dixon, James Brandon (2006)

    Collecting microlymphatics play a vital role in promoting lymph flow from the initial lymphatics in the interstitial spaces to the large transport lymph ducts. In most tissues, the primary mechanism for producing this flow is the spontaneous contractions of the lymphatic wall. Individual units, known as lymphangion, are separated by valves that help prevent backflow when the vessel contracts, thus promoting flow through the lymphatic network. Lymphatic contractile activity is inhibited by flow in isolated lymphatics, however there are virtually no in situ measurements of lymph flow in these vessels. Initially, a high speed imaging system was set up to image in situ preparations at 500...
  • Authors: Bao, Yu (2006)

    The mechanical behavior of saturated soil is mainly governed by the interaction between the soil skeleton and the pore fluid, and this interaction may lead to significant loss of strength known as liquefaction under seismic loadings. The main objective of this thesis is to develop and implement a cyclic constitutive model capable of modeling soil skeleton dilatancy during earthquake excitation. The constitutive model is based on the fuzzy-set plasticity theory and enhancement is made on the description of dilatancy behavior under cyclic loading. A robust Biot formulation, in which the governing equations of motion of the soil mixture are coupled with the global mass balance equations,...
  • Authors: Nguyen Duc, Hiep; Nguyen Huynh, Tuong; Pham Hoang, Anh (2022-10-07)

    Recently, many governments in the world have been focusing on building sustainable agriculture to improve the life quality of farmers and significantly increase their income. In Vietnam, however, and lack capital for scaling or transforming the production model. One of the main reasons for this phenomenon is that the price of agricultural products does not depend on farmers; efforts but is based on the purchase price of the trader or the market price. Besides, the farmers also maintain farming habits based on regional culture or follow trendy and profitable agricultural products. Those production strategies make this type of product oversupplied, leading to a down in price shortly, so...

  • The referendum in the UK closed with the winning of the leaving side. The new government of Prime Minister Theresa May also declared that the deadline for Brexit was the end Q1/2017. Such event imposed considerable effects on the UK economy as well as the global economy. For Viet Nam, we believe that Brexit would have inconsiderable impacts in both short term and long term as the economic relationship between Viet Nam and the UK is marginal against the relationship of Viet Nam and other major partners such as the US, China or Japan.
  • Authors: Savin, Ven Johnson; Kabunga, Hendri Nachiyunde; Johannes, Breit; Xuan, Li Hui (2012)

    Energy demand in Vietnam rapidly increased during the last decades (1998-2008), with the industrial sector consuming up to 48 per cent of the total 32.0 Mtoe energy used. To enlarge the energy generation, VietNam government plans to install additional coal poweredplants, effectively contributing further to greenhouse gas emissions. Clean Coal Technology (CCT) could be onesolution to minimize these emissions. However, several barriers for the implementation of this technology exist. The analysis of CCT and the identification of barriers hindering the implementation in Viet Nam are an important initial step towards the diffusion of CCT. To enhance CCT adoption in Vietnam, five recommend...
  • Authors: Hai, Hoang; Ngoc, Do Bich; Others (2022)

    Introduction: Leptospirosis is a neglected disease in Vietnam. Until now, there has been limited knowledge about risk factors of this disease in Vietnam. The study was carried out to identify agricultural and behavioral factors associated with the transmission of leptospirosis in Vietnam. Methods: This matched retrospective hospital-community-based case–control study was conducted from 1 October 2018 to 31 October 2019. We recruited cases from 11 selected government hospitals in three provinces of Vietnam, while controls were selected from the same communes of cases and matched by age (± 2 years) and sex. Microscopic agglutination test (MAT) and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ...