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  • Authors: McCollum, Joseph P. (2006)

    In 1988 Persi Diaconis considered the following random walk on Zn. Pick k values from Zitand then repeatedly choose one of these values at random. This choice determines a random walk starting at 0 and the natural question that arises is, how long does it take the walk to get close to uniformly distributed on Zn for "most" choices of the k values. In 1989 A. Greenhalgh, in his thesis, gave a lower bound for a random walk on Zn. A paper written by J. Dai and M. Hildebrand in 1997 considered random walks on Zn without restrictions on n and in the case where k is a constant. It is important to note that the set of k values were chosen at random but were subject to certain divisibility re...