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  • Authors: Nien, Chufeng (2006)

    Let F denote a p-adic field and D a quaternion division algebra over F. Ginzburg-Rallis models (abbreviated as G-R models), were discovered in "The exterior cube L-function for GL(6)" by D. Ginzburg and S. Rallis when they computed exterior cube L-functions for GL6. They made a conjecture about the relation between nonvanishing of the central value of exterior cube L-function for GL6 and the realization of G-R models on quaternion algebras. This conjecture motivates the investigation of G-R models on GL6(.') and GL3(D). In the first part of this paper, the proofs of uniqueness of G-R models on GL6(.') and GL3(D) are given. Klyachko models, also known as Whittaker-symplectic models, ...