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  • thvnu400000060.pdf.jpg
  • Thesis

  • Authors: Trần, Văn Tùng.;  Advisor: Bo-Suk Yang (2009)

  • In this study, classification and regression trees (CART) and adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systems (ANFIS) will be developed as an effective intelligent system for performing machine fault diagnosis and condition prognosis. CART is known as one of the illustrious techniques of the decision tree induction and used for the purpose of either classification or regression depending on the output variable which is categorical or numerical. CART recursively partitions the entire data into binary descendant subsets which are as homogeneous as possible with respect to the response variables. High effective omputation and reliability are the remarkable advantages of this algorithm. In the sec...

  • 3241833.PDF.jpg
  • Thesis

  • Authors: Wick, Adam (2006)

  • C and C++ provide fast, flexible substrata for programs requiring speed or tight coupling with the operating system or hardware. Both languages have well established user and code bases, including programs still in use after decades of development. Unfortunately, with C and C++'s speed and flexibility come increased complexity, including complication in managing memory. Programs must create and destroy objects explicitly, and small mistakes in doing so can cause severe complications. In other languages, precise garbage collection solves these problems by having the computer manage the program's memory. However, until now, adding precise garbage collection to standard C programs has b...

  • 13. Management and Support of...ntegrated Library Systems.pdf.jpg
  • Article

  • Authors: Vaughan, Jason; Costello, Kristen (2011-06)

  • The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) University Libraries has hosted and. Managed a shared integrated library system (ILS) since 1989. The system and the number of partner libraries sharing the system has grown significantly over the past two decades. Spurred by the level of involvement and support contributed by the host institution, the author administered a comprehensive survey to current Innovative Interfaces libraries. Research findings are combined with a description of UNLV’s local practices to provide substantial insights into shared funding, support, and management activities associated with shared systems.

  • NR15522.PDF.jpg
  • Thesis

  • Authors: Bainbridge, Shannon Amber (2006)

  • Pre-eclampsia (PE) is a disorder of pregnancy affecting 5-7% of all pregnancies, characterized by maternal hypertension and proteinuria. Interestingly, women who smoke cigarettes throughout gestation are 33% less likely to develop this disorder than non-smoking women. The specific mechanisms through which cigarettes confer protection from PE are unknown; however the reduced risk for PE has been strictly associated with the combustible products of tobacco. It is postulated that carbon monoxide (CO), a major component of cigarette smoke, may play a vital role in this association as CO has been shown to possess several regulatory and cytoprotective properties. The enzyme responsible for ...

  • 3243897.PDF.jpg
  • Thesis

  • Authors: Wang, Hao (2006)

  • Mechanistic and phenomenological models and careful parameter estimations are presented through both aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. The stoichiometric modeling of the bacteria-algae lake system is relatively new, while the lemming population cycle has attracted the attention of several generations of theoretical and experimental biologists and continues to be an issue of controversy. Bacteria-algae interaction in epilimnion is modeled with explicit consideration of carbon (energy) and phosphorus (nutrient). Global qualitative analysis and bifurcation diagrams of this model are presented. Competition of bacterial strains are modeled to examine Nishimura's hypothesis that in sever...

  • 3219325.PDF.jpg
  • Thesis

  • Authors: Liu, Yifan (2006)

  • Ever since September 11th'attack, homeland security has been a major concern for the US government and people. In this thesis, we illustrate how the knowledge in differential equations, linear algebra, numerical analysis, stochastic processes, probability and statistics, combined with the methodology of operations research, can be employed to build mathematical models and to infer some suggestions for homeland security issues. The thesis is composed of two parts, each of which deals with a concrete topic in homeland security. Part One is about a bioterror attack in the food supply chain, which is one of the greatest threats to humans. We first consider a deliberate release of botulin...

  • revnu600000726.pdf.jpg
  • Working Paper

  • Authors: Bùi, Hữu Phú, TS. (2015)

  • Trong những năm qua, hiện đại hóa cho an ninh quốc phòng đang là một trong những mục tiêu trọng tâm của đất nước. Các bước tập luyện trong quân đội là rất cần thiết cấp bách diễn ra hàng ngày để sẵn sàng chiến đấu khi có mệnh lệnh. Một trong những trang thiết bị không thể thiếu trong tập luyện của quân đội chính là bia bắn. Cho đến bây giờ tất cả các đơn vị quan đội đều sử dụng các loại bia bằn bằng nhôm truyền thống. Khi bắn viên đạn sẽ xuyên qua miếng nhôm này và bia sẽ bị hư hỏng sau vài lần bắn. Điều này gây ra những bất tiện cho người sử dụng. Ngoài ra, việc đọc kết quả tập bắn cũng rất thủ công và thời gian. Chính vì lý do đó, trường sỹ quan thông tin đặt hàng chúng tôi ...

  • EB_KHKT_910001827.pdf.jpg
  • Sách (eBooks)

  • Authors: Phạm, Thị Cư; Trương, Trọng Tuấn Mỹ; Lê, Minh Cường (2011)

  • -

  • thvnu400000071.pdf.jpg
  • Thesis

  • Authors: Lưu, Trường Văn.;  Advisor: Soo-Yong Kim (2009)

  • The major objective of this research is to describe how the BSC and trength-Weakness-Opportunity -Thread (SWOT) matrix can be used to formulate the business strategies and to measure the strategic performance of construction. Angiang Construction Enterprise (ACE) is selected as a case study to measure the strategic performance. An applicable simulation model of a construction enterprise was built using system dynamics methodology. The DBSC model was calibrated to a construction enterprise to measure the strategic performance and to formulate and evaluate practical policies to improve its performance. In order to considerably improve performance, some integrated policies combining the ...

  • 3229188.PDF.jpg
  • Thesis

  • Authors: Yu, Piyong (2006)

  • Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) systems have demonstrated to be effective for the retrofitting of masonry walls and reinforced concrete (RC) members. Prestressing of the FRP can further improve the serviceability and capacity of the strengthened elements. This dissertation presents the development of one mechanical device to prestress glass FRP (GFRP) bars and another device to prestress carbon FRP (CFRP) sheets and their applications for the retrofit of unreinforced masonry (URM) walls and RC beams. For the GFRP bar system, the bars are installed in grooves of the URM walls with near surface mounted (NSM) technique and then post-tensioned with the hand-held device to partially close ...

  • 111. Media, cultural diversity and globalization.pdf.jpg
  • Article

  • Authors: Zayani, Mohamed (2011)

  • This paper explores the role media play in safeguarding cultural diversity, promoting cultural dialogue, facilitating the exercise of cultural rights, fostering cultural understanding and cultivating interconnected leverage points: media content, practices, processes, ownership, education, structures and policies. It argues that fostering cultural diversity in and through the media can go a long way toward bringing a civic discourse which favors tolerance and facilitates co-existence. It can contribute to the breaking down of cultural barriers, the initiation of cultural dialogues, the eppowerment of marginalizied groups, and the practice of good governance. At the same time, tills pa...

  • 3232881.PDF.jpg
  • Thesis

  • Authors: Bach, Ted (2006)

  • Cellular automata (CA) are a class of fine-grained, massively-parallel computational paradigms for describing discrete, spatially distributed dynamical systems governed by a discrete, homogeneous, local dynamics. CA computing applications include discrete physical models and empirical studies in algorithmic self-assembly, computation, complexity, and the statistical mechanics of emergence. Despite a number of existing CA applications, programming environments, and special-purpose hardware and software techniques for implementing them, there exists no implementation-independent architecture for computing with CA that is analogous to those used in similar types of co-processing applica...

  • 3208715.PDF.jpg
  • Thesis

  • Authors: Gerbec, Jeffrey A. (2006)

  • Colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals, with unique size-dependent optical properties, have great promise for integration into next generation technologies including solid-state lighting and biological labeling. A general method of reproducible, large scale and environmentally safe synthetic preparation becomes crucial for integration in commercial devices. In addition to the synthetic protocol, an understanding of the surfaces of the as prepared material is critical for obtaining a high quantum yield that is stable for long periods of time in ambient conditions. In this dissertation, a new synthetic approach to general colloidal nanocrystals is presented. Microwave heating of molecular...

  • thvnu400000503.pdf.jpg
  • Luận văn, Luận án (Theses)

  • Authors: Đào, Vĩnh Hợp;  Advisor: Hoàng, Anh Tuấn; Trần, Thị Mai (2020)

  • Miếu và hội quán là những thiết chế quan trọng trong đời sống của cộng đồng người Hoa ở Việt Nam. Luận án tập trung trình bày, lý giải những vấn đề lịch sử liên quan đến quá trình thành lập, hoạt động của hệ thống miếu, hội quán ở Việt Nam qua 3 thế kỷ (từ cuối thế kỷ XVI đến cuối thế kỷ XIX). Qua nghiên cứu cho thấy miếu, hội quán của người Hoa ở Việt Nam được xây dựng trong nhiều thời điểm khác nhau với những nguyên nhân, động lực và tiến trình phát triển khác nhau nhưng có nhiều đặc điểm chung bởi sự hiện diện đậm đặc bản sắc văn hóa Hoa. Những thiết chế này chủ yếu được xây dựng từ đầu thế kỷ XVII trở về sau, là nơi bảo lưu những giá trị về kiến trúc truyền thống, văn hóa, tín ngư...

  • 3243031.PDF.jpg
  • Thesis

  • Authors: Yan, Xifeng (2006)

  • Scalable analytical algorithms and tools for large graph data sets are in great demand across domains from software engineering to computational biology as it is very difficult, if not impossible, for human beings to manually analyze any reasonably large collection of graphs due to their high complexity. In this dissertation, we investigate two long standing fundamental problems: Given a graph data set, what are the hidden structural patterns and how can we find them? and how can we index graphs and perform similarity search in large graph data sets? Graph pattern mining is an expensive computational problem since subgraph isomorphism is NP-complete. Previous solutions generate inevi...

  • 3197232.PDF.jpg
  • Thesis

  • Authors: Stanacevic, Milutin (2006)

  • Sensor array signal processing is ubiquitous in a variety of biomedical applications. Constraints on power and size of implantable and wearable systems dictate custom design of highly integrated solutions. This dissertation presents a design methodology for low-power integrated biomedical microsystems interfacing with sensor arrays, with application to intelligent hearing aids and implantable neural interfaces. First I present mixed-signal VLSI adaptive microsystems interfacing with miniature microphone arrays that perform acoustic source separation and localization at microwatts of power, for use in intelligent hearing aids and acoustic surveillance. Analog gradient sensing of the b...