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    • Thesis

    • Authors: Pantazatos, Dennis Peter (2006)

    • Three dimensional structure determination and analysis of proteins is necessary for the understanding of how proteins participate in human disease, and are critical for the effective design of therapeutics for clinically important targets. Current efforts for determining protein structures are centered on novel high-throughput (HT) approaches. These include high throughput (HT) crystallization efforts and global structure prediction efforts monitored through the Critical Assessment of Structure Prediction (CASP) experiments where progress has been incremental at best. Protein structure analysis of conformational changes and protein-proteins interactions can be monitored by biophysica...

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    • Thesis

    • Authors: Lucas, Susan Przybylinski (2006)

    • Triplet E-vinylcarbene (HCCH=CH2) has been generated in a small amount from diazopropene as seen with IR and ESR (X > 534 nm, Ar, 10 K) (Chapter 1). Our attempts to obtain an UV-Vis spectrum of this molecule failed. Competing reactions at long wavelengths included formation of cyclopropene, allene, and 3H-pyrazole. Propenylidene (CH3CH=C) was a surprising species that was also observed in our IR studies of C3H4 (Ar, 10 K) (Chapter 1). To further verify its identity and its role in the conversion of vinylcarbene to propyne, we synthesized a deuterium labeled precursor, 3-di-diazopropene. This study showed that vinylcarbene did not directly produce propyne though propenylidene did. Fur...