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  • Thesis

  • Authors: Cheng, Xuekun (2006)

  • C60 is a new form of carbon with unique properties due to its small size. Since it has been predicted that C60 will be manufactured by tons, there is no doubt that it will ultimately find their way to the environment. Because of the insolubility of C60 in water, one might expect that it would not enter groundwater in great quantities. However, "nC60" (water-stable C60 aggregates) can be formed in water by exchange of solvents, or simply by stirring, indicating that C60 might be readily available in groundwater. Therefore it is necessary to investigate the transport of C60 particles and their interactions with other environmental contaminants. The adsorption and desorption of naphthal...

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  • Thesis

  • Authors: Xie, Xueying (2006)

  • This thesis models viscoelastic free surface and interfacial flows. Capillarity and viscoelasticity are important in many interesting problems, e.g. the deformation of droplets and blood cells, coating flows of polymer solutions, and blood flow in arteries and capillaries. The study of the combined effects of capillarity and viscoelasticity is still in its infancy due to complex physics combined with the numerical difficulties in three-dimension. This thesis extends to three-dimensional flows from the previous studies focused on two-dimensional problem. Modeling viscoelastic free surface flows presents several challenges which include modeling the liquid viscoelasticity, locating fre...