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  • Thesis

  • Authors: Lee, Sang-Ho (2006)

  • The doctoral research is a study of soil filtration by geotextile fabrics, with the ultimate objective of improving design and long-term performance of underdrain systems in highways. The experimental investigation was conducted in the laboratory using the best available techniques, the Flexible Wall Gradient Ratio Test and the Rapid Retention Test, in order to assess soil-filter compatibility and monitor geotextile clogging, for a range of materials and testing conditions. Field information was also collected and samples from highway reconstruction project were examined for their long-term performance. The main findings from these experiments relate to the influence of such factors ...

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  • Thesis

  • Authors: Kang, Dong-Hee (2006)

  • High concentrations of cyanide in soil can result from contamination by road salt, electroplating waste, and residuals from manufactured gas plant sites. The most toxic species is “free” cyanide (CN_, HCN), but this form is generally rare in contaminated soil and groundwater. Iron cyanides are often predominant in environmental samples and have low toxicity. Unfortunately, free cyanides are the thermodynamically favorable species in solution, and degradation of iron cyanide compounds to the free cyanides can be accelerated by sunlight and microorganisms. There were two objectives of this research project. The first objective was to investigate the potential for phytoremediation of ...

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  • Thesis

  • Authors: Murthy, Tejas Gorur S. (2006)

  • The thesis reports on experimental research on the static undrained response of silty and clayey sands. The purpose of this testing program was to understand the stress-strain response of sands with small percentages of fines. With this objective in sight, the testing program involved understanding and delineating the effect of four variables: density of the soil, percentage of fines in the sand matrix, plasticity of the fines, and the mode of deformation only under isotropically consolidated, and static loading triaxial conditions. Four characteristic states were identified in the undrained response of the soils investigated: the undrained instability state, quasi-steady state, phase...