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    • Thesis

    • Authors: Pattnaik, Rashmi Ranjan (2006)

    • Due to the availability of a wide variety of repair materials in the concrete repair industry, with a wide range of physical and mechanical properties, selection of repair material for a particular repair of concrete is challenging. Previous studies and the available literature indicate that the failure of concrete repairs is mainly due to improper selection of repair material based on repair material properties, without investigating compatibility between repair material and substrate concrete. The compatibility between repair material and substrate concrete exists when the composite section of repair material and substrate concrete withstands all stresses induced by applied load und...

    • 3217993.PDF.jpg
    • Thesis

    • Authors: Li, Kun (2006)

    • This research is aimed at improving existing methods for evaluating liquefaction potential of soils using probabilistic approach. The research deals with several closely related studies. First, a Cone Penetration Test (CPT)-based model for calculating liquefaction resistance is developed using artificial neural network approach, taking advantage of a recently updated seismic loading model and a comprehensive data set of CPT-based liquefaction/no-liquefaction case histories. Second, the liquefaction resistance model developed is incorporated into the formulation of liquefaction potential index, and the various issues related to the liquefaction potential index are examined using probab...

    • 3215795.PDF.jpg
    • Thesis

    • Authors: Lin, Wei (2006)

    • With the rapid increase in computing power, nonparametric methods in regression analysis have gained more and more popularity. One major difficulty in a general nonparametric regression model comes from the so-called "curse-of-dimensionality"; the difficulty and inefficiency of smoothing in high-dimensional settings. Hence, scientists seek techniques to reduce the model dimension in order to keep a reasonable level of accuracy for all practical purposes. The single-index model, where the regression function takes the form m(x) = g(O'x), is a natural generalization of the classical linear regression models and a restrictive version of a completely nonparametric model. Most of the stati...