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    • Thesis

    • Authors: Bebek, Gurkan (2006)

    • Large scale two-hybrid screens have generated a wealth of information describing potential protein-protein intereactions (PPIs). When interacting proteins are asso¬¨ciated with each other to generate networks, a map of the cell, picturing potential signaling pathways and interactive complexes is formed. PPI networks satisfy the small-world property and their degree distribution follow the power-law degree distribution. Recently, duplication based random graph models have been proposed to emulate the evolution of PPI networks and to satisfy these two graph theoretical properties. In this work, we show that the previously proposed model of Pastor-Satorras et al. (2003) does not generat...

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    • Thesis

    • Authors: Tasan, Murat (2006)

    • Multidimensional indexing has long been an active research problem in computer science. Most solutions involve the mapping of complex data types to high-dimensional vectors of fixed length and applying either Spatial Access Methods (SAMs) or Point Access Methods (PAMs) to to the vectorized data. In more recent times, however, this approach has found its limitations. Much of the current data is either difficult to map to a fixed-length vector (such as arbitrary length strings), or maps only successfully to a very high number of dimensions. In both cases, Distance-Based Indexing serves as an attractive alternative, relying only on the pairwise distance information of data items to buil...

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    • Thesis

    • Authors: Zhang, Fangmei (2006)

    • Comingled organic and metallic pollutants challenge soil remediation efforts because of their distinct chemical and biological transformation behavior. Bioremediation of such wastes depends upon pollutant types, remediation endpoints, and microbial metabolism and habitat. This research examined relationships between habitat, cell physiology, and aerobic biotransformation of chromium and organics. It was hypothesized that the degree of soil attachment by culturable heterotrophic bacterial communities in the vadose zone correlates to chromium biosorption, reduction, and tolerance; cell surface properties; growth rate; and substrate affinity. Compared to weakly soil-associated communitie...

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    • Thesis

    • Authors: Jin, Yi (2006)

    • Polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS) nanolayer films were prepared. The crystal structure of extremely thin PP layers confined between PS layers was studied. Changes in structure were observed as the PP layer thickness decreased to the nanoscale. A dispersion of isotactic polypropylene (PP) particles was produced by interfacial-driven breakup of PP nanolayers. Particle size analysis indicated that breakup of PP microlayers produced a bimodal particle size distribution. A population of submicron particles formed due to the Rayleigh instability, and a second population of large particles formed by relaxation. Breakup of 12 nm layers resulted in primarily submicron particles, which c...

    • 3226719.PDF.jpg
    • Thesis

    • Authors: Sun, Zheng (2006)

    • The I1-imidazoline receptor is a novel target of drug development for hypertension and insulin resistance. This thesis focused on the molecular basis for I1-imidazoline binding and cell signaling and the mechanisms linking this signaling protein to regulation glucose metabolism. IRAS is a gene candidate for the I1-imidazoline receptor. To investigate the possibility that IRAS is the I1-imidazoline receptor, antisense oligo-nucleotides directly against the initiation site of IRAS sequence were designed and transfected into PC12 cells. Antisense transfection for 48h reduced specific imidazoline radioligand binding to plasma membrane fractions by about 50%, with parallel drops in IRAS pr...

    • 3244786.PDF.jpg
    • Thesis

    • Authors: Si, Kun (2006)

    • Poly(vinyl chloride), or PVC, has various defects which limit its processing temperature by lowering thermal stability. Possible structural defects in PVC are short and long chain branches, chloroallyl groups, end groups and head-to-head structures. Some structural defects connect with an active chloride, which easily loses HCl at elevated temperatures. In this thesis, a comprehensive study was performed on the vinyl chloride polymerization in the presence of small amount of organic additives. These additives were weakly basic compounds, high dipole carbonyl compounds, ether compounds and some heteroraromatics. The initial polymerization rates and the molecular weights of the resultin...