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    • Thesis

    • Authors: Baker, Ryan Shaun (2006)

    • Students use intelligent tutors and other types of interactive learning environments in a considerable variety of ways. In this thesis, I detail my work to understand, automatically detect, and re-design an intelligent tutoring system to adapt to a behavior I term "gaming the system". Students who game the system attempt to succeed in the learning environment by exploiting properties of the system rather than by learning the material and trying to use that knowledge to answer correctly. Within this thesis, I present a set of studies aimed towards understanding what effects gaming has on learning, and why students game, using a combination of quantitative classroom observations and ...

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    • Thesis

    • Authors: Gergle, Darren R. (2006)

    • For several decades, researchers and engineers have struggled with the development of systems to support distance collaboration. The failure of many collaborative technologies is due, in part, to a limited understanding of how groups coordinate in collocated environments and how the coordination mechanisms of face-to-face collaboration are impacted by technology. The major goal of this thesis is to address this deficiency by building a theoretical understanding of the role that shared visual information plays in supporting group communication and performance during task-oriented collaboration. This understanding is developed over three major stages: (1) the development of a paradigm a...