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    • Thesis

    • Authors: Spronk, Steven Adrian (2006)

    • Chapter one describes studies of the voltage-dependent hydration and conduction properties of the hydrophobic pore of the mechanosensitive channel of small conductance, MscS. A detailed picture of water and ion properties in small pores is important for understanding the behavior of biological ion channels. Several recent modeling studies have shown that small, hydrophobic pores exclude water and ions even if they are physically large enough to accommodate them, a mechanism called hydrophobic gating. This mechanism has been implicated in the gating of several channels, including MscS. Although the pore in the crystal structure of MscS is wide and was initially hypothesized to be open,...

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    • Thesis

    • Authors: Grynkiewicz, David J. (2006)

    • This thesis develops and applies a method of tackling zero-sum additive questions-especially those related to the Erdos-Ginzburg-Ziv Theorem (EGZ)-through the use of partitioning sequences into sets, i.e., set partitions. Much of the research can alternatively be found in the literature spread across nine separate articles, but is here collected into one cohesive work augmented by additional exposition. Highlights include a new combinatorial proof of Kneser's Theorem (not currently located elsewhere); a proof of Caro's conjectured weighted Erdos-Ginzburg-Ziv Theorem; a partition analog of the Cauchy-Davenport Theorem that encompasses several results of Mann, Olson, Bollobds and Leader...