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    • Thesis

    • Authors: Choi, James Choong-Kwan (2006)

    • This dissertation is a summary of work done in the study of Drosophila neurophysiology. This endeavor primarily involves direct observation of channel activity using electrophysiological techniques. In third instar larvae, a live preparation was devised to characterize motorneurons in situ. By recording from ion channels in their natural milieu, a comprehensive, functional account of five individually identified mo┬Čtorneurons (MN6/7-Ib, MN1-Ib, MN14-Ib, MN 30-Ib and MNISN-Is) was obtained using electrophysiology in combination with labeling, pharmacology and biophysical methods. A fast-inactivating, voltage-sensitive potassium channel (Shal) was shown to mediate the delayed spiking re...