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    • Thesis

    • Authors: Siles, Rogelio (2006)

    • In an effort to combat cancer, the development of a relatively new type of anti-cancer drugs known as vascular disrupting agents (VDAs) seems to be a promising clinical approach. VDAs selectively interfere with blood flow in the microvessels that carry nutrients and oxygen to the tumor. Blockage of these vessels will stop tumor growth, produce necrosis, and hence prevent proliferation of cancer cells through the body. The discovery of a group of VDAs known as combretastatins (CA) has sparked an exciting area of anti-cancer drug discovery due to their robust biological activity as evidenced through clinical success, particularly for combretastatin A-4 phosphate (CA-4P) and one nitrogen...

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    • Thesis

    • Authors: Kunkel, Curtis J. (2006)

    • In this dissertation, we focus on singular boundary value problems with mixed boundary conditions. We study a variety of types, to all of which we seek a positive solution. We begin by considering the discrete (or difference equation) case, from which we proceed to look at the continuous (or ordinary differential equation) case. In all cases, we make use of a lower and upper solutions method and the Brouwer fixed point theorem in conjunction with perturbation methods to approximate regular problems.