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  • Thesis

  • Authors: Fan, Li-juan (2006)

  • This dissertation explores the synthesis, characterization, and application of conjugated polymers as fluorescence “turn-on” chemosensors. A series of conjugated polymers using the poly[p-(phenyleneethynelene)-alt-(thienylene-ethylene)](PPETE) polymer backbone were prepared using N,N-diethylamino (dea) and N,N,N’-trimethylethylenediamino (tmeda) groups as receptors. The conjugated polymers were designed as fluorescence “turn-on” chemosensors based on a photoinduced electron transfer (PET) mechanism in which the polymer fluorescence is quenched in the absence of coordinating analytes. A chelation-enhanced fluorescence (CHEF) phenomenon results upon coordination of a cation to the redox...